Wherever possible, we will provide advice on the basis of our knowledge and experience. Generally, this is part and parcel of the services we provide, because it is not in our nature to count the hours we work. Targeted and sound advice can be very valuable, but the advice we give is certainly not costly. Skymark works on a small scale and therefore offers a top-level price-quality ratio.


It will be our pleasure to help you: experience shows that our advice leads to savings or even yields revenue directly. How? We will be pleased to explain to you in person.




For us, supporting your plans and ideas is a given. However, it may be that you require a specific type of support for something that you cannot do on your own. In such cases, you can make an additional request for assistance. With our unconventional way of working and thinking, and our extensive range of contacts, we are in a position to help.


The support we provide is competitively priced – certainly more so than the support available from elsewhere.

If, nonetheless, we are unable to meet your request, we will inform you openly and honestly. That is more useful to you than being fed false hopes.

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