What makes us stand out from others? Management by Skymark makes the difference.

Every day, we are aware that our clients are our partners with whom we want to achieve the best possible results. This means we prefer to develop long-term relationships. However, we are equally at home with short-term assignments, even if it is just to show you what we are worth.


Because of our close involvement with our clients, we have an open approach in our relationships with them. We tell them how it is – no nonsense. That is the kind of openness and directness that highlights the value of the services we offer.

Our clients place their trust in us, and we return that trust in our clients. You will not fail to notice our involvement.


Our costs are low, which means we can provide better services at lower rates than do other service providers in the property industry. We offer value for money. Our organisation is relatively small with notably short lines. We are easy to reach, and our answers come fast.


Skymark is autonomous and operates independently on the service side of the market. We do not own or have any interest in any property. This allows us to remain objective, with an unconditional commitment towards our clients.

Let us prove to you that we can offer you excellent services!

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