If requested, we actively manage Owners’ Associations. We can also set up Owners’ Associations from the bottom up. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to assist boards in running their associations. This could be for a business centre, a business complex, or adjoining office buildings, for example.


In accordance with the existing constitution and in close consultations with the board, we can draw up the long-term budgets on which the major maintenance provisions are based. Both budgets and financial transactions are then carefully administered by us.

We initiate plans and assist the board in relation to such matters as major maintenance, collective building insurance, roof inspections and maintenance, paintwork, drainage, signposting, exterior cleaning, collective maintenance agreements, and so on.


There are also extra benefits to be had from joint waste collection, for example, collective maintenance agreements for certain individual items of equipment and signposting. Here, too, you can count on our active support.

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