Generally speaking, our core business is property management. The main focus of our work lies on managing real estate. We offer custom-made property management at competitive rates. A feature of our approach is our involvement with our clients, our personal attention and our unconventional way of working.


Our close involvement with Property Management extends to the client, tenants, and to every facility party. Everything we do is tailor-made – that goes without saying. You ask, we organise. We operate throughout the Netherlands. Our clients are institutional investors and private parties from both inside and outside the Netherlands. Skymark has day-to-day responsibility for around 35 properties, including offices, commercial premises, and retail spaces. We currently manage a total of more than 400,000 m² of property, from small-scale commercial multi-tenant buildings to major office complexes.

Our day-to-day people-focused work ensures ‘happy tenants’. This is important to us. Tenants must be taken seriously. This means having a human approach – being close by, and directly contactable. We ensure short response times, every day, 24 hours a day.


Management of partly or wholly vacant buildings for an attractive rate is one of the services we offer. We also provide alternative solutions for vacant premises. Such solutions can sometimes be unexpected, and surprisingly simple.



Technical management is essential for protecting and maintaining your property. This is something we are very clearly aware of, every day. Owners can be sure of not being kept in the dark about any ongoing issues. We keep our hands firmly on the tiller.


The technical condition of a building is important for the owner, which is why we ensure that our people regularly visit every building. We call in on tenants and we have direct contact with property managers, so that we know what is going on, continuously. Regular checks on the facilities in buildings are also a routine part of our activities. We want to know what condition buildings are in, and whether work activities that we have ordered have been carried out to the required standard. We also check that tenants are using the space they are letting in the correct manner and maintaining it properly.


Every year we draw up a long-term budget with the perspective of the client in mind. This forms the framework for the maximum expenditure needed for maintaining a building, its facilities and other equipment. We are always aware that, on the one hand, buildings have to be in the best possible condition and on the other, that the costs should be in line with the budget as much as possible. The challenge for us is to get the most out of the budget – efficient expenditure with the best possible technical result.



Financial management is primarily about taking timely action, such as the sending of monthly, quarterly or annual tenant invoices, or the collection of rental payments and advance payments of service charges by means of reminders or the appropriate follow-up procedures. It also includes the settling of any outstanding service charges on the basis of an accurate allocation of expenses, as well as keeping abreast of any expenses incurred and highlighting any expenditure in excess of budget. We do all of this on time, at the right time.


We keep a tight rein on your default risk, thereby limiting it to a minimum. This involves prompt and appropriate action on our part, as well as keeping in touch with tenants. Because we are very much aware of what’s what, we are able to anticipate events more quickly and more effectively. Managing is about people, and that is reflected in fewer problems, greater payment reliability, and therefore a better yield. The examples are legion.


Using our own systems, we can issue reports in almost every format. Here, too, the wishes of the client are standard, and in consultation with them we determine what specific information is needed, and the format in which it is reported. In other words, it is the client who decides how we report, not us.


Other regular administrative duties that we perform include VAT returns, project overviews, service charge settlements, budget monitoring, administration of Owners’ Associations, and annual accounts. Thanks to our flexibility, everything is possible, in principle.



Tenancy agreements are important, but making sure the terms and conditions of such agreements remain up to date is just as important – as is having ‘happy tenants’. This is relevant not just to tenants themselves, but also to lessors; it assists continuity and safeguards your yield.


This means that quality is reflected in terms of value. We know our tenants. We are in almost daily contact with them, depending on the intensity of our relationship with them. This is referred to as ‘relationship management’. We make sure that this actually means something: no fancy talk or empty promises, just follow-up, keeping our word, and giving feedback where necessary.


Naturally, the management package includes contract monitoring and drawing up tenancy agreements and allonges. And if you are not yet using an estate agent, we can arrange contract extensions and expansions. Where necessary, external estate agents deal with us. This means that Skymark functions as an intermediary for the client in such cases.

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