You are sometimes faced with a matter with which you need help, perhaps without knowing it. We proactively view things from your perspective, whether it concerns financial or technical matters, architecture, facilities, practical matters or ideas that have been worked out on paper, on site, or remotely. There are many ways of tackling things and there are no templates.


Our solutions are very rarely standard. We have experience of resolving often difficult problems where one or more parties are no longer able to work effectively together. This could involve such parties as tenants, lessors, government bodies, buyers, vendors, developers, and so on. The nature of such disputes can vary considerably.


Even when relationships are working well, we can still add value. For us, ‘thinking out of the box’ is not just an idea on paper, but reality. It is precisely the solutions that are not so obvious that offer the greatest potential for you and for us. This enables us to help you stand out in the property market.


We look for unconventional ways of finding the most beneficial solutions for our clients. Examples of areas where this is the case include renovations, office equipment, supervision of building projects, technical due diligence (preceding the purchase of a building), or follow-up support after the transfer or sale of a building.

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